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Esthetic Enhancement


Esthetic Crown Lengthening: During tooth eruption, the gum tissue may not recede away from the teeth. This results in the appearance of a "gummy" smile. The teeth appear short and square because the remaining tooth structure is covered by excess gum tissue. The extra gum tissue can be removed to enhance smile esthetics. Dr. Frost will work in coordination with your dentist to surgically lengthen the teeth, in order to prepare for new crowns or veneers for a highly esthetic result.


Tissue Grafting: Thin tissue around teeth is a risk factor for gum recession. Recession of the gum can expose the metal margins of crowns and roots of teeth. Thickening the tissue can help to prevent soft tissue recession and also may cover exposed roots and crown margins.


Contour Augmentation: Following tooth removal, the bone contour resorbs and collapses resulting in shadows and unesthetic contours of the gum tissue. Contour augmentation corrects ridge deformities with connective tissue or other donor grafts. Following augmentation, the ridge is restored to the proper dimension, enhancing the results obtained in combination with cosmetic dental work.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening
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