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Heather Pusek

Office Manager


A few things Heather loves...her family (husband Al, 3 kids, & grandchildren), making mints (they are SO delicious), and taco Tuesday (who doesn't?!). She has been in the dental industry since 2014 but has been managing people since 1993. She can do it all, whether  managing life guards, servers, retailers, or bankers! She is pretty much the best!



Liz Solorzano

Office Assistant

Our bilingual beauty, Liz was born in Chicago, but calls Omaha home. She joined our team in 2021. She has worked in the dental field since 2016 earning her the many hats she wears.

As our Office Assistant, she does everything from sterilization to patient correspondence. We love her  energizing smile and amazing work ethic. She loves spending time with 

her 3 beautiful daughters and her 2 dogs. Family time would not be complete without trips to the zoo, the pumpkin patch, boba tea tastings and thrifting for fabulous finds. Liz also enjoys trying new recipes, vacationing, entertaining, sewing and crafting.

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Corttany Luckett

Surgical Dental Assistant

Corttany was born and raised in Alpena, South Dakota. Corttany has been a dental assistant since 2006. She has found the perfect place and the perfect “job”. She brings a smile to all she meets. Her love of Marvel movies, zoo trips, family outings and fighting gum disease keep this “Supermom” busy with her husband, Josh and two beautiful children.  

One thing we share in common is our passion for our patients. We strive to to make the patient experience calm and relaxing. We feel grateful and blessed to work in our profession and hope our patients feel our dedication to their care.

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Dorenda Osawa-Smit

Surgical Dental Assistant

Born and raised in Holland, this Dutch speaking beauty was first hooked on America by the Backstreet Boys and her fabulous husband. Together they have 2 handsome boys and 2 dogs. She enjoys spending time with them traveling, fishing, glamping, as well as watching the boys play football and soccer. Her favorites include:

Formula 1 racing, Stroop waffles, chai tea lattes and Karaoke with the girls of the office. She has been assisting dental surgeries since 2012, and joined our girl band in 2020. Dorenda rocks her assisting position with a kind heart, beautiful smile and caring soul.

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Kathy Ray

Dental Hygienist


When she isn't saving neighborhood bunnies (true story), Kathy is playing with her dogs. She and her husband have 2 dogs they love endlessly. In fact Kathy loves all animals endlessly! She also enjoys boating and being outside. Kathy has been a hygienist since 2000.


Susan Sutton

Dental Hygienist


Run, Susan, Run! Marathons, half-marathons, name it, she has probably run it! When she is at home with her husband and 2 kids she runs to the kitchen because she loves baking cookies and cheesecakes (yum!) She has been a hygienist since 2003 and teaching at Creighton since 2010.  

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